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New Jersey Sick Leave Law Applies to Adjunct Faculty Also!

New Jersey Sick Leave Law Poster Download PDF
Guidance for Use of Sick Time - Download PDF
Process for Charging Sick Time - Download PDF
Some Additional Details - Download PDF

Dear Fellow Adjunct,  

Welcome back to the Fall Semester at Brookdale.  We hope your classes are settling in and your teaching assignment is going smoothly.  

We, the Brookdale Community College Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, the BAFC, would like to bring you up to date on our progress in creating our Union.  As you know, the College agreed to give us the right to create a Union in February 2018.  Since then much work has been done on your behalf.  

1.        The By-laws Committee has been working on the by-laws to give us the structure we need to function as an organization.  

2.        The Negotiations Committee is in the process of writing an initial proposal to present to the College to finally give us the rights, benefits, and working conditions we deserve.  We plan to start negotiations in September.  

3.        The TLC Department of the College with the help of some of the acting officers has given us a Canvas shell devoted strictly to adjuncts so that we can communicate ideas and discussions among individual adjuncts, all adjuncts in a department, all adjuncts in an institute, or simply all Brookdale adjuncts. Please accept the CANVAS invitation to join the “BROOKDALE-ADJUNCT-FACULTY” Course, and follow the suggestions in “Let’s Get Started”. This CANVAS course was presented at the Adjunct Faculty Reception on September 4.

4.        We are working on a new website to keep you informed about our progress in creating our union, job related topics, member benefits, contact information, and much more. We will make it available to you as soon as we can.

We are not invisible anymore!!

Thank you for your continuing support,

Joan Carroll / Acting Chairperson

James Schmitt  /Acting Vice Chairperson

Richard Jesmajian /  Acting Secretary/ Treasurer

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